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Your decision to connect with us at Vedic Trend Tattoo, the chief provider of superior tattoo solutions in Bengaluru, is much enjoyed. Whether your interest lies in surveying traditional ink creativity, seeking embodied design options, or needing ray of laser tattoo removal services, we are excited to support your journey

fully committed to giving superior services that are custom-built to meet your preferences. With a focus on particular artistry and exceptional skill, our goal search out ensure your delight with every aspect of our service.

We hold your enquiry in high regard and promise a swift reaction. Whilst awaiting our reply, we boost you to visit our website for some idea and detailed facts on our offerings, which involve traditional tattoo, black and grey tattoo, watercolor tatus, sleeve tattoos among possible choice.

Discovering the hunt for the perfect Tattoo shop Near me!
You now in the hunt for the perfect tattoos shop near you. No need for further search. Our Vedic Trend Tattoo studio,
well it offers status tattoo services, in available locations, and accompanying a broad variety of impressive designs to
select from.

Yeah!! Whether you’re an experienced person at tattoos or being inked is a first-occasion event for you; our tattoo
s, skillfully in talent, are ready to influence your visions into reality.

Arm band tattoo-on-men-forearm tattoo-Bangalore
Armband tattoo-Bangalore

We received an extensive collection of tattoo designs that you can explore, from established tattoos to complex artwork.
Minimalist linework, truly skilled are some instances, regardless of style or taste. Our artists- gifted as they are,
will accompany you thoroughly to make sure your tattoo is reflecting you – your distinct traits and the story you wish
to narrate.

How do you say, yes! Convenience, this is very important, so we have multiple tattoo studios that are located skillfully
near you. No matter your location, a tattoo shop near you stands ready to pamper what you need. All you should do is
just search for “tattoo shop near me” or “tattoo studio near me“, and you will find our most unique place.

So you have a tattoo,But it doesn’t form you happy. Don’t worry take a deep breath. We also specialise in laser tattoo
removal,using the latest technology in the way that PicoSure Laser and Q-Switched Laser technique works. Say goodbye,
like honestly goodbye for all the time to your unwanted tattoo accompanying your safety; effective removal services,
executed by trained professionals.

Alongside tattoos, we have other cosmetic tattoo services like lip pigmentation(blush),hair micro pigmentation,permanent
eyeliner and much more. Enhance your natural beauty with our expertly applied cosmetic tattoos, designed to highlight
the beauty of your needs, and save your time in your makeup routine.

We make the committment for excellent service and customer satisfaction as our top priority.Visit us today to discover
why we are the primary destination for tattoo and laser tattoo removal services in your area. Your self-expression
awaits at the unlocking!! So Why Wait-Book your appointment with us now.

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Tattoo shop near-Bangalore Mandala Tattoo on leg

We recognize the meaning of choosing to get a tattoo and are here to offer counseling at every step. It doesn’t matter if you are deeply effective the tattoo sophistication or taking your first steps into it, we are eager to assist in making your view a tangible existence.

Once more, we express our thanks for selecting Vedic Trend Tattoo. Anticipating the opportunity to use
with you soon and to embark on the creation of marvelous and durable everything of art together.

How Long Takes To Reach Us in this busy traffic of Bangalore

When you’re in Bangalore, you’ll notice that the traffic is always crazy.

Just guess how long it really takes you to get us to our tattoo studio!!

Yes of course… You will experience Bangalore’s traffic, which is always busy and time consuming.

“The Road to an Ink: A Tattoo Visit Through Bangalore’s Busy Streets”

Tattooing on skin is attractive yet Bangalore is a city of differences, and its streets are always busy. 

gandaberunda symbol government  of karnataka logo tattoo on girl hand- vedic Trend Tattoo-BLR

Getting Around in Bangalore’s Traffic: An Adventure Before the Tattoo

Learning about Bengaluru’s traffic patterns, including peak hours to avoid common traffic jams, will help you plan your trip and get the most out of your time there. 

You should also think about other ways to get there and how to enjoy the journey, including finding beauty in Bengaluru’s hub and making the most of your time worth traveling.

Why the Trip is Worth It: What Makes Our Tattoo Shop Different

* What makes our  tattoo shop stand out 

* How skilled the artists are

* Quality and safety standards 

* A creative and friendly atmosphere 

* Success stories and testimonials 

* Featured art and client experiences 

* Changes and meaningful ink stories 

* The atmosphere of the area 

How the tattoo shop reflects Bengaluru’s lively culture 

* Using Vedic art and style in the design of the shop

Ways to Plan Your Bangalore Tattoo Day

*Getting ready for the meeting

* Doing research and picking out a Design for your tattoo

* Health and skin care tips before getting a tattoo

How to make the most of your wait time?

Bangalore city welcome photo  I Love BLR, from vedic trend tattoo BLR
Bangalore City

Nearby places to see and eat after getting a tattoo for refresh

Cafes and restaurants to check out near the shop like:- Barista near Manyatha Tech Park, Brahmins Kitchen, Swathi Gardenia,

If you are a Non-veg lover Bangaloreans famous Mallika Biryani restaurant is just a 30-minute Drive from Vedic Trend Tattoo.

How to take care of your new tattoo and see the sights; 

Ways to wind down after getting a tattoo in Bangalore

Beyond the Ink: Seeing More of Bangalore After Getting a Tattoo

* Cultural and historical sites to see 

* Landmarks and sites that honor Bangalore’s history 

* Modern draws and fun things to do 

* Nature and rest 

Malika biryani - Vedic Trend Tattoo
Malika Biryani – Vedic Trend Tattoo

* Quiet places to heal after getting a tattoo

* Gardens and parks for peaceful walks

* You can visit one of India’s Biggest malls-  Mall of Asia just 2km away from our Vedic Trend Tattoo Studio.

Places to shop, eat, and have fun too

Shop No-206, Tattoo, Kodigehalli Circle, Kodigehalli - Thindlu Main Rd, 560092

Mall of Asia; Located in Bangalore: A New Shopping and Entertainment Hub!

Mall of Asia, based in Bangalore, offers a mix of shopping, entertainment, and leisure for every visitor. Walk through its magnificent entryway and let’s dive in.

More Than Just Shopping: An Entertainment Adventure

Mall of Asia proposes more than just shopping. 

Explore; tons of entertainment and recreational activities are available for all ages and passions.

Enjoy the latest blockbusters in their top-class theater. It provides an immersive watching experience

Engage in fun with Bowling and laser tag: a great way to bond with your family and friends.

 It is full of excitement and guaranteed fun!

For food lovers, Take your tastebuds on a culinary ride, try some new flavors!

So Much Family Fun

Family members visiting Mall of Asia gets access to ample fun activities for members of all ages,

Indoor playground & Kids’ zone: Bring the little ones to the indoor playground or kids’ zone offering fun activities. It’s ideal for learning, playing and making friends!

Enjoy your night binges at Mall of Asia. It evolves into a vibrant nightlife hotspots.

Alive Nightlife, happening Events

Live Music & themed events: Spend your evenings immersed in live music, enjoy theme events catering to all tastes of music and entertainment.Exclusive dining experiences.

Apart from great music and dance; treat your palate to exceptional culinary delights, making each visit unique.

Experience the allure of Mall of Asia. Where shopping, entertainment and leisure blend into unforgettable moments!!

In addition to providing exceptional tattooing services, we’re committed to educate our clients about proper aftercare to ensure that your tattoo heals beautifully and retains its vibrancy for years to come. 

Mall of asia Near vedic trend tattoo- bangalore
Mall of Asia – Vedic Trend Tattoo

We’re pleased to hear that our tips were helpful to you, and we’re always here to offer guidance and assistance throughout the healing process. 

To conclude with-A vibrant array of nearby pleasure options, our tattoo shop stands as in addition to just a destination for body art—it’s a cornerstone of a vital cultural center. 

Our commitment to exceptional creativity ensures that each visit is not just a tattoo assignment, but a memorable journey stuffed with self-expression and inspiration. 

Our group is dedicated to curving your vision into reality, making your occasion with us an memorable intersection of art and pleasure.

Best Wishes,
The Vedic Trend Tattoo Team

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